Siding Restoration

High winds and hail can severely damage vinyl siding. After a storm, inspect your siding for splits, cracks, holes, breaks, and chips, all of which can occur from wind, flying debris, and hail. When the siding breaks or develops holes, it cannot protect your home from the weather. Aluminum siding can also be damaged in a storm. In most cases, storm damage looks like dents or dings, but strong winds can also rip off the siding completely.

Unfortunately, matching your existing siding to repair the damage can be difficult or even impossible. Your siding has likely changed colors due to sun exposure and the original manufacturer may be out of business or no longer producing your siding. The good news is a close match is usually possible. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may only cover siding replacement for the storm-damaged area or it may have a provision for re-siding the entire home. At KHR Restoration, we will work with your insurance company to file your claim and show the extent of the damage.

Once siding is damaged, it must be replaced. In most cases, damaged sections of siding can be replaced with a very close match, although this is not always possible. Depending on the extent of the damage and the overall age and condition of your siding, re-siding your entire home may be recommended. Have your siding restoration handled by the professionals at KHR.