Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage can cause serious problems for any home or business which can make the timing and skills of your storm damage restoration company very important. When you’re hit with a massive storm, you’re going to need restorative services to bring your home or business back up to where it was before, such as emergency cleanup, remodeling, and restorative services.

Fortunately for you, KHR Restorations can handle a wide range of severe weather restorations, such as:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Lightning strikes
  • Hurricanes
  • Freezing weather and ice dams

We also offer:

Storm damage can happen with no warning. Wind, snowstorms, hail, lightning, and even hurricanes can strike at any time and leave devastating damage in their wake. If your roof, siding, basement, or other areas of your home have been damaged by a storm, we can help. KHR Restoration specializes in storm damage restoration to restore your home’s integrity and safety.

If your home or business has suffered extensive damage from a call us today to schedule a consultation and damage assessment to get restoration started on your property. Don’t let a severe storm prevent you from operating your business or living out your regular life with your family!

Common Causes of Storm Damage

Flooding is the most common and expensive form of storm damage in the United States. When rain causes river levels to rise and storm drains to fail, the result can be storm water entering your basement and even the ground level of your home.

Roof damage from wind and hail is also common. Strong winds can tear singles and siding off your home and allow water to enter and cause even more extensive damage. Wind can also cause stress points on the roof that weaken over time or throw heavy debris onto your roof. Hail can also strip shingles and even puncture your roof.

Many homeowners also face damage from falling trees in a storm. Saturated soil and high winds can be the perfect conditions to cause tree roots to fail or for branches to weaken and crack.

Storm Damage Restoration Services

Mother nature can be very unpredictable and cause all kinds of crazy problems for homeowners from flooding, hail damage, to wind and blizzards there really isn’t a limit to its destructive capabilities. If weather-related damages happen to your home then the extent of the damage and your ability to recover are only as good as the company you employ for your storm damage restoration.

KHR has years of storm damage restoration experience, repairing and rebuilding damaged homes while completely restoring or remodeling homes to be better than before. Below are some of our storm-related services and situations we are prepared for but are capable of much more if another type or accident occurs.

Water Mitigation

If the weather is so severe outside that you are taking water into your home then it should be pretty obvious that you need to respond quickly before your home and everything in it are destroyed. Water can not only quickly fill your basement and wash away your structural foundation but it can destroy the contents of your home as well as the walls and siding, depending on how high the water is.

One of the steps in water mitigation is soaking up and drying all the standing water from your home and then properly ventilating, but if there is a continuing external water issue, setting up barriers to keep water out are equally as important. KHR is prepared to handle any water-related storm damages and help you quickly recover from its effects. Our water mitigation team will come quickly and begin working immediately to return your home to its original glory and also put measures in place to protect your home from future flooding issues.


Extreme Snowstorms and blizzards can be common during the winter months and preparation can be easy to overlook until damage has already occurred. There are things we can do to help prevent damages to your home like salting your roof and gutters to prevent snow build up, but if a tree gets too weighed down by snow and falls over onto your home then there is not much preparation to avoid that, only restoring your home at that point.

When there are heavy snows it can pile up quickly on your roof adding a lot of weigh which can sometimes cause a roof to collapse damaging your structure and also the contents it was protecting inside.

Another issue is if snow builds up in your gutters, freezes causing an ice dam which later melts and causes flooding in a particular area of your home. These issues can mostly be avoided by contacting KHR in advance to address the issues before they happen but if damages have already occured then you can contact us for quick restoration work as well.

Wind Damage Repair

Wind damage can cause serious problems for your home and there doesn’t need to be a visible tornado for it to happen. High-speed winds are incredibly destructive and unpredictable. The strength of wind can rip shingles off your room, tear the siding off your home and even knock trees and branches down putting holes in your homes roof. Some of these things can be difficult or impossible to prepare for but fortunately if they occur you can contact us to get it fixed quickly and conveniently.

Hail Damage

Hail may not be that common of a problem for residential-related storm damages but when it happens you will know. There have been situations where all the windows and siding on a home have needed to be replaced due to golf ball sized balls of hail raining down smashing up the siding on a home and breaking out all the windows. If this occurs then rest assured that we will be able to quickly get your home back in order and looking like new again.

Emergency Board Up and Tarping

If you need emergency storm damage restoration services and the conditions have not changed outside then it’s imperative to get an emergency board up and tarping put in place immediately. This can prevent further damages from occurring if there is a hole in your roof letting in rain or snow or if your windows are blown out. This can help minimize additional damages from occurring while our team gets to work.

KHR Storm Damage Restoration

KHR storm damage restoration services are ready to recover your home from any unexpected weather damages that can happen to your home. We have the team, tools and experience to tackle any size job and in any area of your home. We have a remodeling team to quickly repair and rebuild your home during the restoration process so you won’t have to worry about contacting another contractor because we can handle the situation from start to finish.

Being professionally licensed and insured as well as possessing preferred contracting certifications by Owens Corning as well as restoration certifications like the IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) and IICRC Applied Structural Drying Technician (ASD). We can also help you with the storm damage claims process.

Do you need help with commercial or residential damage restoration services? KHRestoration Contracting has all your fire, storm, water and mold damage needs covered.

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