Smoke Restoration

a living room showing fire damage before smoke restoration

Smoke from a fire in your home can cause serious damage to your furniture, walls, flooring, and other areas in your home which require smoke restoration services. Once you know it’s safe to go back to your home, contact us to assess the damage and help you restore your home following smoke damage. All you might not think smoke can damage your home, the dangerous toxins can linger in the air around your home. We at KHR Restorations will be able to use air purifiers to ensure the air quality is safe for you and the rest of the family before moving back in after a serious fire.

Soot and smoke are highly acidic. The longer it sits in your home, the faster the corrosion and deterioration of your belongings. While some signs of smoke damage will be visible right away, other forms of damage may take hours or days.

Soon after the fire, you will see visible smoke damage on your ceilings, walls, and other surfaces such as discoloration and stains. Over the next few days, your flooring and walls can turn yellow. Wood, appliances, and plastic surfaces can also warp and change color over a period of days.

Metal can begin to tarnish and corrode just hours after the fire. The acidic soot in smoke can permanently discolor porous stone like granite and other surfaces.

Smoke Odor Removal

After a fire, many items in your home will retain a pervasive and unpleasant smoke aroma. This is because smoke produces carbon that’s deposited as soot. This aroma can be trapped in upholstery, clothing, carpets, and more. To remove the bad aroma from your home, these items must be professionally cleaned and deodorized by a Smoke Restoration professional.