Fire Damage Reconstruction

A room with beams and brick work exposed during fire damage reconstruction

If your home or storefront needs fire damage reconstruction, KHR Restoration will always be up to the job. With our skillful staff and modern construction tools, we will be able to help you in virtually any reconstruction project that you may have. From reconstructing your home from fire to storm damage, our services and expertise are only a click away from bringing your home back to life again.

A fire in your home or business can leave you in a precarious situation where you need to shut down and move out or choose to have the situation fixed and improved. KHR can help you navigate the insurance claim process for fire damages to your home or business which can then cover most or all of the expenses for your fire damage reconstruction or restoration.

When it comes to restoring a home or business from a fire, typically things need to be replaced since there is no recovering a half-burned cabinet or other parts of a structure. This can actually be an opportunity in disguise for business and homeowners to improve their property from what it once was and remodel it into something newer and better than before.

KHR has been doing restoration and remodels for years and would be happy to lend you a hand in getting your property back to or better than it was before. We have the experience, tools, team and certifications to get the job done right. We take pride in the work we do and the results we provide our customers. Rest assured that when you contact KHR for your restoration and repairs that you are contacting the best in the business.