Residential Fire Damage

Residential Fire damage can cause a number of problems for you and your home. Not only can it permanently destroy some of your most valuable belongings, but it can also destroy the structure of your home as well. However, to counter this destruction, you should hire us for our fire damage restorations services. No matter what shape your building is in, we will be able to help you with:

– 24/7 emergency services
– Damage assessment and estimates
– Eco-friendly cleaning methods for fire residue
Smoke odor removal and air purification
– Industrial grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, and air movers
– Reconstruction of ant affected areas

Fire damage is one of the most devastating forms of damage to your home. As if the fire and smoke damage aren’t bad enough, you will likely face widespread water damage as well from firefighting efforts on your home. At KHR Restoration, we specialize in residential fire damage restoration. Our technicians will address water damage, restore many damaged belongings, and remove the pervasive smoke aroma in your home.

Common Causes of Home Fire Damage

You may not realize it, but your home likely has several fire hazards. The most obvious would be the equipment you use to cook. Many house fires are cooking-related, often when a stove or oven is unattended.

Heaters are also implicated in more than 55,000 home fires every year. Portable space heaters are often to blame as they may ignite nearby flammable items, get tipped over, or set the floor underneath on fire.

Smoking is the leading cause of home fire deaths in the United States. In 2 out of every 5 smoking-related fire fatalities, the victim was in bed. If you are going to smoke, try to smoke outside and fully extinguish every cigarette.

Other common causes of home fires include:

  • Dryers. Clothes dryers cause tens of thousands of home fires every year when the dryer vent becomes clogged with combustible lint.
  • Candles. Never place candles near combustible items or leave them burning unattended.
  • Electrical system. An overloaded circuit or malfunctioning appliance can easily lead to disaster.

Residential Fire Damage Services

Fire damage can have a huge negative impact on your home or business and can literally put you on the streets or out of business until things are returned to normal. This is why you should contact KHR fire damage restoration services so we can help you through the insurance claim process, getting your damages repaired and your life or business recovered from the catastrophe.

When it comes to fire damages, depending on the extent of the fire and if it was on a residential or commercial property can greatly change the level of difficulty and skills needed to recover your losses. Fortunately, KHR has all the tools and team you need to get any of these situations rectified quickly and conveniently. We will address the situation and give you a clear plan on how we will get you back to how you want your home or business to be.

We specialize in returning homes and businesses to their former glory after unprecedented situations arise like severe weather, water and fire conditions.

Fire damages are the primary issue we address when someone contacts us about fire damage restoration services. This can be limited to small area like just around the fireplace if you had an unexpected log pop and ignite your carpet in the living room or it can be more drastic like an entire second floor with multiple rooms needing to be restored to livable conditions.

No matter how big or small the damage, KHR has you covered. We have been doing restoration, repair and remodelling work for years. We have built a reputation on excellence and providing top notch work to our customers allowing us to continue expanding our skills and services.

Smoke damage is another fire damage related issue that needs to be addressed when we go to a home to evaluate the extent of damage and what kind of services and tools we will need to employ. Even if you have a smaller fire, depending on how long it was left unnoticed it could have possibly resulted in a lot of unwanted smoke prior to igniting, this can cause some serious damage to the interior of a home or business and also leave you with bad odors.

The smell of smoke is not something anyone wants to live or work in and this can be especially true if it happened at home where a fire can be a rather traumatizing experience. The last thing you or your family want is a constant reminder of how your home was on fire and worse things could have happened.

After the damage is evaluated and the mess is cleaned up there is still more important work to be done to get your home or business restored. This is when you need to plan on having your home or commercial property reconstruction. After significant fire damage restoration people typically opt to take the opportunity to improve their home from what it once was and make it more into the home they have always dreamed of.

Considering we have years of remodeling experience, contracting KHR helps you get two birds with one stone so to say. Not only will we take care of your residential fire damage issues, but we are also certified remodeling professionals. Contact KHR today for your fire damage restoration needs.

Do you need help with commercial or residential damage restoration services? KHRestoration Contracting has all your fire, storm, water and mold damage needs covered.

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