Mold Damage Restoration

mold damage on interior walls being sprayed to stop growth

When left to its own devices, mold can cause all sorts of structural damage to your home requiring a prompt response from a mold damage restoration professional. You may experience this damage inside your walls, in the foundation, under the floors, or even on the roof. Even after the mold is removed, you still must clean up the mess it caused and remedy the damage. These are not simple problems that you can fix on your own. You need KHR Restorations to transform your house back into the safe and comfortable home that you love. We will work with you to create a suitable remodeling plan for your needs so you can feel secure in your home once more.

After mold remediation, affected areas of your home must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We will use various cleaning methods to sanitize your belongings to keep your home safe. Air scrubbers are used to remove microscopic mold spores in the air that may become airborne after treating the mold. Dehumidifiers are also used to reduce the level of humidity in your home that contributes to mold growth.

Don’t wait long to get your home tested for mold when it is already visible. You need to find out what kind of mold you are dealing with to understand the harmful effects and also need to discover the cause of the mold so you can make sure it doesn’t come back later. If you contact us for Mold Damage Restoration then we will do a thorough job to ensure it does not come back and also educate you on ways to prevent future mold proliferation in your home.

Contact KHR today for a free quote and to get any mold problems taken care of quickly.