Commercial Mold Remediation

commercial mold remediation in an office with full body protection and a taped and tarped wall

Mold is one of the worst contaminants that can infest your commercial property and needs to take care of quickly with commercial mold remediation services by a professional like KHR. It grows in wet and moist areas, lowers the air quality, and can cause damage to the building. Your building is at an increased risk of mold growth after experiencing water damage or flooding. If you don’t want your tenants to leave or your business to suffer, you must get the mold professionally removed today.

Mold poses a very serious health risk to your staff and customers. Many mold infestations in commercial buildings are the result of roof leaks, loose plumbing fittings, and other small problems that allow mold to thrive. When a mold problem is found in your building, it can lead to costly business interruption without fast action.

When it comes to mold remediation, quick action is crucial. At KHR Restorations, we will take every step necessary to take care of your mold problem and prevent any long-term damage to your building. Your business can return to normal as soon as possible with our expert mold removal team.

If you suspect mold in your commercial building, including the HVAC system, drywall, kitchen, or bathroom areas, it’s important to take action quickly before more extensive work will be required. KHR Restoration will begin with an assessment to develop a comprehensive remediation plan that fits the needs of your business. From there, we will quickly remediate your mold problem to get your business operational again as soon as possible.

Mold is not to be taken lightly, especially if it exists in your business where your employees and customers can be susceptible to the negative effects. Eliminate the liability and problems that mold can cause by having the professionals at KHR come and take care of it for you with our commercial mold remediation team.