Black Mold Removal Service

siding removed from a house during black mold removal

Unfortunately, mold spores exist almost everywhere, indoors and out. Mold spores are very harmful to your health, so if you find some in your home, do not hesitate to call us for a black mold removal service. The spores are microscopic and travel through the air. This means that they can enter your home through doors, open windows, HVAC systems, on your pet, or even on your clothing. Because the spores are microscopic and so prevalent, it is impossible to remove 100 percent of the mold from a business or residence.

While small amounts of mold are not harmful and are even normal, large quantities of mold can cause all sorts of damage. The mold spores thrive in moist areas. When they exposed to water, spores rapidly form colonies. When you notice large amounts of mold, your home is in trouble. You and your family may experience health problems like headaches, allergic reactions, skin irritation, asthma, difficulty breathing, and more. It can also cause structural damage to anywhere that it may grow like the roof, foundation, drywall, gutters, HVAC system, and even furniture.

Before you can begin the removal process, you must address the source of the moisture in the room. Otherwise, the mold will come back. There may be a leak in your home, a plumbing issue, or just higher than normal levels of humidity. KHR Restorations can help locate the source of the mold to ensure it never returns.

The longer mold is in your home, the more damage it can cause to your health, leading to immediate and long-term effects on your body. Inhaling mold can cause severe allergy issues and other symptoms that you should not take lightly. If you have children in your home, they are even more susceptible to the negative consequences of untreated mold. Not only can mold cause damage to your health, but it can also cause structural damage by slowly eating away at wood where the moisture is found.

If you have mold in your home, do not hesitate to contact KHR restoration today for our black mold removal service. We will send our team of technicians out to test and then treat the situation, making sure to do a thorough job so the mold does not return. We will also come back to test again to make sure there is nothing wrong.