Commercial Water Damage

All sorts of issues can cause commercial water damage to your business or property. Pipes can burst, sinks can leak, basements can leak, and more. If your building has experienced water damage, there is no need to fret. At KHR Restorations, we can help you deal with the aftermath of water damage. We will work quickly to repair your business to minimize business interruption and get your customers back in the door.

Following water damage, it is crucial that you clean up and restore your building as quickly as possible. Water damage can lead to structural harm and mold growth. Both of these problems are much worse (and much costlier) than simply hiring the right company to properly clean the water.

When your commercial building suffers water damage from a leak, flooding, or a major storm, it’s important to take action quickly. Every hour that passes increases the risk of further damage to your property. Within just 24 to 48 hours, mold can begin growing in carpet, drywall, and wood. Clean water can quickly become contaminated with bacteria and viruses that can threaten the safety of your property.

You can count on KHR Restoration for prompt commercial water damage restoration. We understand that shutting down your business during water damage remediation damages your revenue and your reputation. Our team is ready to be dispatched to remove standing water and dry out your business quickly. We use advanced techniques and dehumidification equipment to even dry walls from the inside without further damaging your property.

When possible, we will dry and restore property and equipment damaged by water. The sooner you call us, the greater the chances of saving furniture, upholstery, flooring, and machinery.

Our goal is eliminating the water problem and restoring your business safely and quickly to reduce the amount of time your business must be closed.