Commercial Odor Removal

Commercial properties seem to attract all sorts of strange and unpleasant odors so you may want to consider an odor removal service. Water leaks, fire damage, and other extreme scenarios can leave your building with all sorts of hard to remove odors. Unfortunately, spraying an aerosol deodorizer won’t do the trick. You need professional help to get rid of those nasty smells. At KHR Restorations, we have the tools and training to find the source of these odors and remove them completely.

Our odor removal service permanently removes lingering odors from water damage, fire damage, sewage backups, and more. Unpleasant odors left behind from a leak or kitchen fire can create a major problem for your business by suggesting serious hygiene problems or ongoing health risks.

After water damage, odors may be caused by contaminated water hidden from sight. Water damage often leads to mold, which creates a tell-tale musty aroma. Bad odors in your business can also be caused by fire damage and the resulting smoke and soot.

Our technicians will assess your property and determine the source of the odor. We can even detect odor sources hidden behind walls without unnecessary damage to your property. Sometimes odor removal requires removing and disposing of contaminated items, such as carpet or drywall after a leak.

KHR Restorations uses only the most sophisticated and advanced odor removal methods to get your home or business back in breathable and enjoyable condition as soon as possible. It is imperative that we start as soon as possible before additional odors set in and saturate into the structure of your residence or property. You can rest assured we have the tools and team to tackle and odor issue.