Commercial Restoration

It’s important to maintain your commercial property, especially on the chance that it has been damaged by fire, water, or other disasters then you may find you need commercial restoration services. With the help of KHR Restorations, your place of business can take advantage of their commercial restoration services, such as commercial fire, water, and odor removal services and cleanup. Our expert team will be able to help you with:

– Commercial water damage restoration
– Commercial fire damage restoration
– Commercial mold damage restoration
– Commercial storm damage restoration

Our professionals have the equipment and training needed to restore your business following a severe disaster. Our round-the-clock restoration services will be able to help you out any way we can, from storms to mold, fire, and smoke.

Commercial properties face the same risks as homes for water damage, fire damage, storm damage, and other disasters. When your business suffers a disaster, you may be left with a costly business shut-down until the damage can be repaired. Broken windows, roof damage, and other forms of damage can also leave your business at risk of theft and further damage to your inventory and equipment.

At KHR Restoration commercial restoration, we serve businesses with cost-effective and reliable commercial restoration services. You can count on our contractors to restore safety and integrity to your building so you can reopen the doors as soon as possible.

Emergency Storm Response

Has your business suffered water damage from roof damage, broken windows, a leak, or rising groundwater? Our team can put a water damage mitigation plan into action quickly to preserve your property and restore your business as soon as possible. We use a multi-stage approach to reduce further damage, remove water and moisture, perform repairs, and make your business as good as new.

Water Damage Restoration

We respond quickly to protect your business when a major storm strikes. High winds, hail, lightning, and rising groundwater can blow down structures, damage your roof and siding, and lead to serious water damage. Count on KHR Restoration for fast response to secure your property and minimize potential damage.

Roof Restoration

Commercial roofs are easily damaged in a storm and may suffer punctures, tear-offs, leaks, and ponding water. If your commercial roof has been damaged in a storm, we will respond quickly with emergency tarping to keep water from getting inside. When safe to do so, we will perform reliable roof repairs or replacement, if necessary, so you can open the doors to your customers.

Tree Removal

If a tree has fallen on your building or you need large limbs removed after a storm, we are here to help. Our team can respond quickly with emergency tree removal and roof tarping service to protect your business until permanent repairs can begin.

Debris Removal

A major storm can leave behind a lot of debris, from tree branches to trash. We can respond quickly to clear your property of potentially dangerous debris. This will leave your property ready for restoration efforts.

Contact KHR commercial restoration services to get your business or property back in order. Don’t let a storm, water or fire damage put a hamper on your prospects when we have the potential to get you up and running back in business in no time.

Do you need help with commercial or residential damage restoration services? KHRestoration Contracting has all your fire, storm, water and mold damage needs covered.

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