Sewage Clean Up

person wearing protective gear and using a vacuum for sewage clean up

Sewage clean up deals with water damage that is classified as category one (clean), category two (gray), or category three (black). All three categories require professional help to return your home or business back to normal. Gray water likely has bacteria present and it can include water from a washing machine or sump pump failure. Category three water, however, is considered a biohazard. Blackwater can include raw sewage or water from another contaminated source such as floodwater.

Cleaning up a sewage leak should always be handled by a professional. A sewage leak is considered an emergency situation as the water can contain bacteria, viruses, and microbes that cause health issues, severe illness, and sometimes even death. A professional like those at KHR Restorations sewage clean up team has the training and tools to clean up a sewage mess safely and thoroughly. They will inspect your home or business, assess the damage, and create a plan of action to handle the water. Don’t wade around in the filthy water and expect it to just go away, the situation can actually get worse the longer you wait. Not only does sewage pose serious health risks but the backed up water can also cause long-term odor and structural damages to your residence or business property.

If you have a sewage backup or flood water that has contaminated your home, contact us right away. Category three water can lead to serious health risks and should be left to professionals. After removing sewage and water, we will remove other items that may have been exposed to contamination like carpet. Professional-grade air movers will ventilate and dry the area so it can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.