Odor Removal Company

Water damage, fire damage, and sewer backups can all leave your home with unpleasant smells if the affected area isn’t properly cleaned and sanitized by a professional odor removal company like KHR. After the immediate problem is addressed – which may include removing water or fire-damaged items — it’s important to address the cause of the odor.

Certain property damage can leave your home filled with nasty odors. Water damage, mold, fire, smoke, and even skunks can stink up your property. The source of these scents can be inside or outside of your property. All too often, masking the odor does not do enough to remove it. When shortcuts just don’t cut it, call a professional. We are trained to identify and deodorize unwanted smells until they are totally eliminated. Once we discover the cause of the scent, we can find out which surfaces it has come in contact with. The odor can then be removed over time until it is completely gone.

Fire and smoke damage is notorious for the unpleasant and pervasive smoke odors they leave behind. Over a period of hours or days, smoke and soot will penetrate many items in your home such as wood, carpeting, upholstery, and clothing. It can also cause warping and discoloration. The chemical byproducts of the fire can leave behind many different acrid chemicals in your belongings that should be treated professionally to remove the odor. Attempting to remove soot and smoke odors yourself can make the problem worse by setting the soot into the material.

There is no reason you should have to deal with unpleasant odors in your home, simply give us a call for a free estimate. Contact KHR Restoration for an experienced and reliable odor removal company following a disaster.